Look out for Nike's new Method MOD putters featuring Polymetal Groove technology. Popular models from the past inspire this new line - classic design meets tour proven technology.

Divide a second by 1,000. Now divide that in half. That’s how little time it takes to launch a golf ball that is just over an inch-and-a-half in diameter from where it sits nestled on a green.

Nike’s Polymetal Groove technology promises more consistency and confidence than ever before. Inspired by some of the most popular putter models of the past four decades, Nike has combined tradition and innovation to craft the newest tech-savvy additions to the Method family.

Timeless styles and shapes are updated with a unique arc design profile, red detailing and satin chrome finish to create four premium, milled putters that offer Tour-proven performance.

Each Nike Method MOD putter is weighted to length to ensure proper feel, and the line offers a range of toe hang options determined by where the weight is in relationship to the putter head. This allows golfers to choose a model to their personal preference for optimal forgiveness, roll and accuracy: MOD 00 (face-balanced); MOD 30 (30 degrees of toe hang); MOD 60 (60 degrees of toe hang); and MOD 90, (90 degrees of toe hang).

Models and specifications: MOD 00 RH 34”/35”, MOD 30 RH 34”/35”, MOD 60 RH 34”/35”, MOD 60 LH 35”, MOD 90 RH 34”/35”

Available 1st November 2013.

RRP: £180, €229.95
For more information please visit www.nikegolf.eu