Enjoy Nike Golf's 'Play in the Now' journey through the eras of golf technology. Featuring crusty characters who, if they had their way, would still be hitting wooden balls with crooked sticks!

Nike Golf is amplifying the story of innovation behind the new Nike VRS Covert 2.0 driver by challenging convention through its new “Play in the Now” campaign.

With the first piece airing on January 25th, “Play in the Now” is a series of TV spots that takes a humorous but pointed jab at golfers who are afraid to try new technology and, as such, reject advancements in innovation.

The spot will air on ESPN and CBS in the U.S., and also will air in Canada, United Kingdom, Japan and Korea. In the United Kingdom the spot will debut on Sky Sports’ coverage of the Dubai Desert Classic, January 30th with Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods participating in the tournament - as well as later in the season on Sky Sports Golf and Premier League coverage.

With a clear inference that Nike Golf’s innovations represent today’s leading edge of golf equipment, “Play in the Now” takes a snapshot journey through the different eras of golf technology. It makes a stark distinction between the change-fearing golfers of yesteryear and what it takes to move the sport forward.

The spots feature a variety of crusty characters who, if they’d had it their way, would still have golfers hitting wooden balls with crooked sticks on the shores of Scotland.

More spots highlighting Nike Golf’s advancements in technology will be aired in the coming months to complement the campaign.