Look out for the Motocaddy M3 PRO, a brand new flagship electric trolley that not only boasts the same compact-folding design as the M1 PRO - but also offers a host of high-tech performance features.

The Motocaddy M3 PRO borrows the same two-bar frame as the continuing M1 PROallowing golfers to fold the trolley down to a size not much bigger than an airline hand luggage allowance – and also provides a host of features as seen on the popular S3 PRO model.

These include a five-minute ‘lost ball’ timer, ‘round’ timer, clock and battery meter, plus a full-colour digital screen with multiple distance readings.

The digital screen also incorporates Motocaddy’s exclusive CartLock security device that allows the owner to set a pin code to render the trolley useless to a would-be thief. Like the M1 PRO – the new model features an integrated Accessory Station, a simple handle height adjustment and an inbuilt device cradle designed to hold GPS devices that can also be powered from a patented USB charging port.

In addition to the USB charging port, it also offers Adjustable Distance Control (ADC) – a system that allows the user to set the trolley to travel independently up to 60 yards. There are fully-adjustable bag supports – to accommodate a variety of bag sizes – and the ergonomic handle caters for both right and left-handed use.

Choose from nine easy-to-use speed settings to choose from when operating the trolley, which is powered by a whisper-quiet 230w motor.

As with every new Motocaddy trolley for 2014, the M3 PRO features the brand’s exclusive EASILOCK technology, a connection system that removes the need for a lower bag strap thanks to two holes on the trolley’s bag support that are aligned with two removable locking pins on the base of all new Motocaddy cart bags. Also comes supplied with easily detachable straps to allow use with non-EASILOCK bags.

Available in Black or Alpine matt finishes.

RRP: from £449.99 (18 hole Lead-acid battery) £599.99 (18 hole Lithium battery) and £649.99 (36 hole Lithium option)

For more information please visit www.motocaddy.com