W&G REVIEW: Like any new driver technology, you can be a bit sceptical of the ‘hype’ surrounding distance gain claims. However, with the Boom Boom 2 - it is a genuine innovation that is hard to fault.

The Boom Boom driver was one of the big innovations of 2012, with its radical gas-filled clubhead and heated headcover combining to give golfers never-before-experienced distance.

Unfortunately the R&A rules didn’t allow the heated headcover to be used, so this new and improved version for 2013, the Boom Boom 2, has a refined design so that the head doesn’t need to be heated to maximise performance (although it will perform better if kept at a constant temperature). The ladies version is painted vibrant pink, ensuring you have the stand-out factor with this club in hand on the first tee.

W&G SAYS: Like any new driver technology, you can be a bit sceptical of the ‘hype’ surrounding the supposed distance gain claims, however with the Boom Boom 2 we are looking at a genuine and very remarkable innovation. From the very first hit of this driver W&G was impressed with the power and distance achieved, at least 10 yards longer and easy and accurate to use. The club’s high quality components (premium shaft and clubhead) ensure that you get a great feeling driver that really does deliver on its promises. The bright pink clubhead might be a little loud for some ladies, while others will love it. However, in favour of the performance, it’s worth letting the colour grow on you as the Boom Boom 2 is hard to fault.

Clubhead:  460cc, Bi-Titanium head, Hot Coral in colour
Shaft:  Standard ladies’ flex
Grip: Golf Pride grips
Loft: 12.5 degrees SW C7, length 45 inches, 460cc

RRP: £199
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