TaylorMade has introduced Kalea, a new ladies' set that is designed for the ultimate performance from tee-to-green. Carly Frost gives her verdict…

Taylormade's Brand New Kalea Ladies' Range

TaylorMade has introduced Kalea, a new ladies' set that is designed for the ultimate performance from tee-to-green. Carly Frost gives her verdict…

Kalea, a popular Hawaiian girl’s name meaning the‘flower wreath’ or ‘the beloved’ is an apt title for TaylorMade’s beautiful new set of ladies’ golf clubs. Named not just for their pleasing aesthetics, but equally for their innovative design, the new line will genuinely offer you the ultimate game improvement solution.

There are eleven clubs in the Kalea line - an easy-to-hit 12-degree driver, 3 and 5 woods, 5 and 6 rescue clubs, to replace your difficult-to-hit long irons, and 7-iron-to-sand wedge to complete the set. Each has been expertly designed to deliver maximum performance for the typical mid-to-higher handicapper from tee-to-green.

You’d be forgiven for questioning exactly what has been improved from the previous Kalea line. The fact is that this is not just a case of TaylorMade simply tweaking an already popular ladies product line by making a few small adjustments. Rather the new Kalea clubs feature some genuinely game-changing, innovative technologies.

Take the Speed Pocket in the irons, for example. This allows for flexibility low on the clubface, making the irons really easy to hit high and adding forgiveness. Further, a low-back centre of gravity provides an effortless launch to the club with added forgiveness throughout the set.

In both the woods and the irons, a new Kalea Ultralite graphite shaft has been chosen for its softer flex and lighter overall weight. This will help slower swinging ladies to really increase their clubhead speed and also contributes to the set’s lightweight build.

If you have always loved the look of the popular TaylorMade Spider putter but found it too long and heavy then you’ll be impressed that the new Kalea club line includes a Spider Mini. This mallet-shaped putter is perfectly weighted and designed for easy alignment with a Pure Roll insert that imparts topspin for a truer, bump-free run-out across the green.

What’s particularly nice is that you can now also purchase the complimenting Kalea trolley bag or FlexTech stand bag. These lightweight bags are designed specifically to carry the Kalea clubs and come in a choice of colours - grey/green, charcoal/blue and black/violet.

Further proof that TaylorMade really is commiting to advancing the ladies game comes in the addition of a brand new Kalea golf ball. This two-piece ball has a high-energy React core, a soft ionomer cover and is very low compression (60). It has been engineered to help you hit shots on a high trajectory, giving you maximum distance off the tee, without sacrificing that all-important soft feel into the green. The golf balls are great value at just £21.99 a dozen and come in a choice of white, peach and purple, with the latter two featuring a UV-resistant matte finish.

By refreshing the Kalea line for 2019/2020 TaylorMade are sending a clear message of continued commitment to developing products for ladies that really do perform for our swing speeds, which is fantastic to see. With the company’s philosophy to make golfers of all skill levels and swing types better at their heart, whether you are just starting out in golf or are a seasoned player seeking to improve your handicap next season, the one thing that’s certain is that Kalea will give you a huge head start.

W&G Equipment Expert: Carly Frost

What I look for when choosing a new set of golf clubs are four simple keys.

Firstly, do they suit the challenges of my home course? 

I think about the tee shots, approaches and types of grass I regularly play from and then list the clubs I need to match my game plan. Do so yourself and cross reference your needs with the comprehensive Kalea set make-up. Match made in heaven?! 

Secondly, do they give me lots of yardage options? 

It is important that your clubs give you perfect gapping throughout the set with no overlaps. This is Kalea’s primary objective and it’s achieved through their clever use of optimal lofts, lengths and proper gapping.

Thirdly, do they give me confidence? 

How a club looks and how it feels is key to my confidence. Kalea has great aesthetics and innovation that crosses over from the tour-van to club level.

Finally, are they stylish? 

In the same way we match a new dress with shoes, a handbag and jewellery, Kalea ticks all the boxes by giving you the total package from clubs to bag to ball. Nothing has been omitted. You really can look and play the part!”

TaylorMade’s Senior Director of Product Creation, Tom Bystedt:

At TaylorMade we have dedicated significant R&D resources over the last few years to better understanding the differences in golfer performance across different player demographics to help direct the design of our products. As part of this effort we have not only been able to create new performance technologies such as Speed Injected Twist Face, but also learn more about the women’s market to create improvements in those product lines.

The new Kalea products are designed to work optimally for the type of launch conditions and swing speed we see in mid-to-high handicap female players. We have updated our shafts and set composition to better suit this player by providing clubs that launch higher, are easier to play and provide more distance. Specifically, we have introduced an additional higher lofted hybrid to the line as well as created all-new shafts based on specs typically only seen in clubs designed for the high-end Japanese market.

Another exciting addition to the line is a women’s version of the Spider Mini putter featuring a lighter head-weight as well as a new colour scheme. Since women are in many cases more discerning on aesthetics and visual design, we have brought the new Kalea bags and headcovers to the market in three distinct Hawaii-inspired designs to provide another opportunity of self-expression for the golfer.”

The Kalea Line-up

Driver - 12° £279
Fairway Woods - 17° (3) and 20° (5) £189 
Rescues - 26° (5) and 30° (6) £179 
Irons - 7-SW £499
Spider Mini Putter £219
Kalea Golf Ball £21.99 (dozen) 
Trolley Bag £199

Visit: taylormadegolf.com


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