Inspired by the R&D, technology and components that go into racing cars, the new King SpeedZone line of woods and irons put Cobra in pole position to roar into the new decade. 

Swing Into The SpeedZone With Cobra

Inspired by the R&D, technology and components that go into racing cars, the new King SpeedZone line of woods and irons put Cobra in pole position to roar into the new decade. Carly Frost reports…

Since the turn of the century Cobra has gone from an up-and-coming brand to a household name, a trend-setter in golf, attracting the young superstars of the Tour, players like Ricky Fowler and Lexi Thompson, known for being super cool and super talented - idols of their generation. It’s fitting then that Cobra has started the new decade by unveiling what can only be described as their most technologically advanced set of ladies’ golf equipment to date.

The King SpeedZone family includes a fancy new driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons - all named after the multiple zones of technology that feature in the clubs. There are six zones of optimised speed in the driver and four in the fairways, hybrids and irons.

In the driver, the six SpeedZones, namely the Power Zone, Strength Zone, Light Zone, Low CG Zone, Aero Zone and Stabilty Zone, feature numerous technologies to help you hit the ball longer and straighter with minimum effort. Just like a Formula 1 car is made from super lightweight materials and has a wide body and streamlined shape for speed, so the SpeedZone driver with its 360 degree carbon wrap crown does the same for your tee shots. The engine of the club being the clever infinity edge face, which literally means it doesn’t matter where on the face you catch the ball, it will still fly miles! In fact, the face is so ‘hot’ it’s as close to illegal design limits as you can get.

The complimenting fairway woods have four SpeedZones (Power, Flex, Stability & Light) and are fundamentally designed to make the task of sweeping shots away off the short grass an easy task. If you’ve played Cobra clubs before then you’ll have reaped the rewards of the innovative Baffler sole rails that have been around for several years and continue to feature in the SpeedZone. They make it possible for you to hit out of the impossible!

The hybrids and irons complete the line-up by offering the ultimate combination of ease of use, effortless power, a high ball flight that stops the ball quickly on the greens, a responsive feel and great shot-making versatility. Plus better distance gapping between your clubs.

As an added bonus, every one of the new King SpeedZone clubs feature Cobra’s groundbreaking Connect technology. An Arccos embedded grip sensor in the butt of the club pairs with the Arccos Caddie app on your mobile phone to automatically record your on-course data, receive strokes gained analysis for your game and access rangefinder GPS distances for over 40,000 courses. To help you make smarter shot-making decisions.

It’s clear to see that the King SpeedZone are a seriously futuristic, clever set of clubs.

What Cobra Says:
Tom Olsavsky, VP of R&D

Our new King SpeedZone clubs emphatically answered the question we are always asked - can you really improve the driver any further and stay within the rules of golf? That answer is yes. By approaching design the same way you would if you were trying to create the world’s fastest cars, we left nothing on the table in terms of speed considerations. With our six zones of performance, SpeedZone is the fastest driver that we have ever produced. The fairway woods longer and more forgiving than any previous Cobra club and hybrids and irons unrivalled in their performance.

The Test Run
By W&G Equipment Expert Carly Frost

With it’s big, bold shiny black head, the King SpeedZone driver literally looks impossible to miss. Like most modern drivers, it’s adjustable via sole weight screws. You can change the loft to affect the ball flight, so if you need an extra helping hand launching the ball high, you can add a little loft, or vice versa, to achieve a more penetrating, forward ball flight to encourage a longer run-out. I loved how effortlessly powerful this driver was to hit, even when I caught a drive slightly off-centre it found the fairway - no nasty slices or hooks.


I enjoyed being able to sweep the SpeedZone fairway wood through all lies, even the wet winter rough grass with absolute ease. The sole rails really are a clever addition. It was lightweight to swing, which meant I hit it long without having to hit it hard. The head profile shape is ideal if you like to use your woods off the tee on long par-3s and narrow par-4s where you need accuracy, as it tees up really nicely too.


I love the compact head shape of the hybrid, as it’s big enough to look and feel easier to use than a long iron yet small enough to allow shot-shaping versatility. Like the fairway woods, the matt black finish is super sleek and the complimenting pink grooves focus the eye on striking shots out of the middle of the club.


You’ll instantly spot the unusual top line strip of graphite on the irons, like a reflector you see on the back of a bike! This clever weight-saving trick gave them a lovely balanced swing weight. The power off the face was impressive, I easily added 5 yards to my normal 7-iron distance with an effortless swing. I also really enjoyed the responsive feel from the milled grooves.


There’s not a lady golfer I know that wouldn’t benefit from knowing their yardages more precisely. With the in-built sensors in the grips you’ll quickly become more educated to make the right clubbing decisions and that will lead to lower scores.

Overall the SpeedZone are simply super easy for the average lady club golfer to use. Lovely to look at and a joy to play.


  • Driver (adjustable) 11°-14° - £349
  • Fairway woods (adjustable) 3-wood 13°-16°, 5- wood 17°-20°, 7-wood 21°- 24° - £229
  • Hybrids - 4H 21°, 5H 24°, 6H 28°, 7H 31° £189
  • Irons - 7 clubs (5-GW, 6-SW) - £799



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