Cobra golf has now unveiled their King F9 Speedback irons and hybrids featuring revolutionary Speedback technology for a new standard in speed and forgiveness.

Cobra Golf F9

COBRA Golf, a leader in golf club innovation, Cobra golf has now unveiled their King F9 Speedback irons and hybrids featuring revolutionary Speedback technology for a new standard in speed and forgiveness. The irons and hybrids are said to be the company’s most powerful and stable irons and utility clubs ever.

The new SPEEDBACK irons and hybrids utilise COBRA’s breakthrough SPEEDBACK technology, that for the first time successfully combines a low center-of-gravity (CG) and high moment of inertia (MOI) to deliver the perfect blend of ball speed and forgiveness, for the first time, in one iron.

Available in a traditional, variable length set make-up and a forward-thinking, ONE Length™ configuration, the KING F9 SPEEDBACK irons are packed with an impressive array of cutting-edge technologies designed to deliver unrivaled performance. Traditionally, in game improvement irons, golfers had to choose between distance or forgiveness. In the new F9 irons, COBRA engineers were able to deliver the ultimate combination of both through SPEEDBACK Technology, a design concept that utilises innovative shaping elements different from a traditional game-improvement iron. Through SPEEDBACK shaping, engineers were able to optimise low CG and high MOI to create the company’s longest, fastest, and most forgiving iron.

“It cannot be overstated just how technologically-advanced the KING F9 SPEEDBACK Irons are,” said Tom Olsavsky, Vice President of R&D for COBRA Golf. “Golfers have been forced to choose between distance or forgiveness in their game improvement irons. If you wanted more distance, than you sacrificed forgiveness, and vice versa. With the new SPEEDBACK irons, golfers can have their cake and eat it too.”

“Never has a game improvement iron set had the perfect blend of distance and forgiveness, until now.”

Key elements of SPEEDBACK™ Technology include:

Low CG SPEEDBACKTM Sole - Mass is added low and back using a belt of steel that wraps around the back of the iron, creating a lower and deeper CG that maximises ball speed, launch and carry distance. SPEEDBACK shaping strategically positions the weight belt just above the contact area on the sole to maintain the sole width of a conventional game-improvement iron.

High MOI Design - To maximise performance, SPEEDBACK shaping allowed more mass to be added low and wide (out to the heel and toe) compared to a traditional iron. Also, up to a combined 33 grams of Tungsten were added to the heel and toe in the 4-7 iron, a material used in premium-priced irons. These shaping improvements increase MOI by up to 10% in the long irons, creating more stability through higher inertia that results in substantial improvements in ball speed, distance, forgiveness, and even accuracy.

Other technologies featured in the irons include; forged E9 PWRSHELL face, co-molded medallion, CNC milled face and grooves, progressive spin technology, progressive hosel lengths and Cobra Connect.

The KING F9 SPEEDBACK irons in variable length, (RRP: £699 Steel/£799 Graphite) come standard with regular or stiff KBS Tour 90 shafts and black Lamkin Crossline COBRA CONNECT grips. The stock steel set make-up is 5-GW with optional 4-iron and SW complements available through custom.

KING F9 Women’s SPEEDBACK Irons (£799 Graphite) utilise the same cutting-edge technologies as the men’s set, with a design engineered specifically for the needs of female golfers. The stock women’s SPEEDBACK irons come in a Graphite Set makeup 5-PW, SW. The KING F9 women’s SPEEDBACK irons come standard with Fujikura ATMOS 55-gram shafts in ladies flex and black & rose gold Lamkin Crossline COBRA CONNECT (standard men’s size) grips.

COBRA Delivers Revolutionary SPEEDBACK Technology in ONE Length Design

In addition, COBRA Golf is introducing an updated option for players who opt for the consistency and simplicity of a ONE Length set configuration. The KING F9 SPEEDBACK ONE Length Irons offer all the same ground-breaking technologies as the variable set, with some additional improvements geared towards optimising the performance of ONE Length irons including one length configuration, wider long iron soles, progressive shaft weighting and updated lie angles.

The KING F9 SPEEDBACK ONE Length irons (RRP: £699 Steel/£799 Graphite) come standard with blue Lamkin Crossline COBRA CONNECT grips. The stock steel set make-up is 5-PW, GW with optional 4-iron and SW complements available through custom.

Providing the perfect complement to the SPEEDBACK Irons, COBRA is also unveiling its new KING F9 SPEEDBACK Hybrids, available in variable length or ONE Length designs.

The KING F9 SPEEDBACK Women’s Hybrids are available in 22-degrees, 25-degrees, 28-degrees and 31-degrees of loft and come stock with Fujikura ATMOS 60-gram shafts in ladies’ flex and Lamkin Crossline (Standard Men’s Size) COBRA CONNECT grips.

The KING F9 SPEEDBACK ONE Length Hybrids (RRP £179) offer the same performance boosting features that the traditional length hybrid options do, with the infusion of COBRA’s patented ONE Length configuration.

“We have seen some golfers put this consistent, easy-to-hit ONE Length Hybrid in their bag, replacing their more difficult to hit long irons, or even a variable length hybrid. It’s really a great club that golfers can hit consistently, with confidence,” said Jose Miraflor, VP of Marketing COBRA Golf.

All of the KING F9 SPEEDBACK IRONS and KING F9 SPEEDBACK Hybrids will be available at retail end of January 2019.


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