Accuracy matters! Check out GolfBuddy's new LR4, a redesign of the popular LR3 delivering improved ergonomics, stylish good looks and ready to go straight out of the box with no charges!

A re-design of the popular LR3 laser launched earlier this year - the new GolfBuddy LR4 delivers improved ergonomics and style, making it super-comfortable to use and great to look at.

The laser's outer casing has been reshaped, to fit more snugly in the palm. The top grip section has been flattened slightly and the finger locators redesigned to make it even easier to find and press the 'power' button.

The eyepiece is easier to grip and smoother to turn and the battery compartment can now be opened easily with the redesigned flip-and-twist flap.

And this is all finished off in an eye-catching new white, blue and grey casing - to replace the all black previous model - with smart metallic finishing to the lens casings, eyepiece and all buttons.

Weighing just 218grams, this new golf laser is packed with features, including:

• Accuracy: +/- 1m
• Yards or metres display
• IPX4 water and dust resistant
• 10-seconds laser beam
• Compact, lightweight & ergonomic body
• Automatic shut-off after 10 seconds
• Default to “Last Used” settings
• Up to 5,000 scans battery life
• Multi-coated lenses
• 6x magnification
• Diopter adjustment (eyepiece focus adjustment)
• Suitable for glasses wearers
• 7 degree field of view
• 23mm objective lens

The GolfBuddy LR4 is equipped with three operational modes. 'Scan' provides a continuous 10-second display of all objects located; 'Flag' homes in on the pin and factors out background noise from trees etc, to give precise readings; and 'Normal' provides a single distance to any chosen target from flag to dogleg point or hazard edge.

And as with all GolfBuddy products, there are no annual membership fees, no hidden costs and the LR4 is ready to go right out of the box.


SRP: £219
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