It's easy to get bogged down in technical jargon when you're purchasing new new equipment, but is it all waffle, designed to confuse us into making a purchase? 

What the Latest Golf Tech Really Means


It's easy to get bogged down in technical jargon when you're purchasing new new equipment, but is it all waffle, designed to confuse us into making a purchase, or are the technical terms key to understanding which clubs are best suited to your game?

Becky Gee takes a look at the new Cobra F8 family of woods and irons, and delves beyond the complex lingo to see how you can utilise the latest advancements to get the most out of your game.


Adjustable weights are now standard in most drivers, with many brands offering the opportunity to help dial-in a player’s preferred shot shape and trajectory by moving weights in the crown of the club.

In the Cobra ladies F8 driver, this comes in the form of two centre of gravity (CG) settings: one in the back for a higher, towering ball flight and one in the heel to provide additional draw bias.


Cobra King F8 Driver min 

 What does this mean? In simple form, there are two weights which come as standard with the club. Place the heavier weight in the heel of the club, and players will see greater draw on their ball flight, designed for those that regularly lose the ball to the right, and/or struggles with a slice. Move the weight to the back of the club, moving the CG backwards, and the ball will fly higher, offering the potential for more carry, and thus more distance.

TaylorMade was the first brand to launch an adjustable driver back in 2005 and has just launched the most adjustable driver to date, the M3, which features no less than 1,000 unique set-up positions!


If you’ve been shopping for new clubs recently, then you’ll notice that most will profess to have a lighter shaft. While most men’s irons come fitted in steel, ladies’ sets tend to use graphite, the idea being that the material is lighter, enabling women with slower swing speeds to gain greater swing speeds, and consequently more yards. As with golf clubs in general, shafts will vary greatly depending on individual needs, so it is best to ask your professional for advice before making a purchase. 


The KING F8 fairway wood incorporates a Baffler Dual Rail System. A common feature of Cobra’s fairway woods and hybrids are the rails, designed to reduce twisting and consequently retain a higher amount of clubhead speed upon contact with the turf.


 Dual  Rail  System min


Progressive Rail Heights dependent on club loft (shallower in the 3W and taller in the 5W) provide consistent turf interaction for sweeping or steeper attack angles.

PING’s G400 fairways employ a different method to achieve a similar result. By placing a machined back weight in the sole of the club, the brand has attempted to increase the club’s stability through impact, in turn enhancing forgiveness.


MOI is probably a term that you’ve often seen in relation to equipment but perhaps not always totally understood what it means. Essentially, clubs with a high MOI will remain more stable through the strike zone when a shot is mishit. This helps the club resist twisting around the axis, enabling straighter shots on off-centre hits. The aim is more forgiveness, although only when the club is square at impact. Cobra achieves this effect by introducing a larger profile at address.

Callaway’s latest irons, the X Forged UT, use a tungsten-infused insert to increase MOI, making it simple to control ball flight.


It’s safe to say Cobra Connect, Powered By Arccos, is one of the most innovative equipment advancements in the last decade. The process is incredibly simple. Electronically embedded sensors in the grip of every member of the F8 family automatically record the distance and accuracy of every shot. This information is then sent directly to the COBRA CONNECT/Arccos 360 mobile app, where users can review their performance data and access rangefinder GPS distances for more than 40,000 courses worldwide.


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