What better way to celebrate the return of golf than with some fancy new gear? Equipment expert Carly Frost is here to help you find more fairways and hit it further with her best women's drivers for summer 2020...

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Price: £469 – 10.5°-12° (adjustable)
W: eu.callawaygolf.com

Callaway say: MAVRIK thinking fuelled our new, A.I. designed Flash Face SS20, an extremely strong material that’s lighter than traditional titanium, to promote fast ball speeds across a more expansive area of the face. Two internal Jailbreak bars connect the sole and crown to promote fast ball speed. An all-new Cyclone Aero shape enhances aerodynamics and reduces drag. The Mavrik has two interchangeable weights to allow to help you fine-tune your trajectory.

W&G say: Being the successor to the Epic Flash is a hard act to follow, but surprisingly the Mavrik actually manages it very well. I love the huge impact-circular target on the clubface; it’s like aiming for the centre of a dart board. The impact sound is amazing and the results are powerful - the speed off the face is incredible, like a firecracker! The shape of the clubhead sits squarely for easy aiming and the real stand-out effect in performance was on off-centre hits - it felt like I didn't lose any distance out of the toe or heel.


Launcher HB Turbo
Price: £309 - 10.5° or 12°
W: clevelandgolf.co.uk

Cleveland say: To go longer off the tee, you have to go faster. Our new Women's Launcher HB Turbo Driver features a Turbocharged Cup Face, Ultralight Hosel, redesigned HiBore Crown, Deep Weighting sole pad and a counterbalanced shaft. It all adds up to faster drives for more distance off every tee for avid golfers seeking higher, longer, and straighter drives. Available in draw and standard models.

W&G say: I love how squarely this driver sits behind the ball; it was very easy to aim. The cool-looking aesthetics on the crown give it a stealth-like appearance and a high-end expensive finish. The performance was impressive. My drives fired fast off the face with a high launch and low spin that encouraged a rainbow ball flight and slight draw. The powerful impact noise matched the results and I enjoyed the very solid, consistent feel.

cobra 1

King SZ Extreme
Price: £349 – 11°-14° (adjustable)
W: cobragolf.co.uk

Cobra say: As the name states, the Speedzone Xtreme is designed for extreme speed, distance and forgiveness for women's swing speeds. A larger shape features a 6g interchangeable weight on the sole, and a fixed 17g tungsten weight in the back that combine to achieve our highest MOI. Just like an engine creates horsepower, the driver face creates ball speed. Golf's first CNC Milled Infinity Face increases the milled area by 95% and expands the zone of maximum ball speed.

W&G say: Based on the same design and performance attributes of a racing car, the Speed Zone Extreme did not disappoint. It was very lightweight and effortless to swing, launching the ball fast off the face and carrying it on a great flight. I found it easy to produce a lovely draw shape and I loved the confidence-building noise when I struck it off any part of the face. As you would expect from a premium racing car, the finish is very high end and the milled face looks amazing. The clever grooves really did make a difference to my dispersion and accuracy. The matt finish to the top edge of the club also made it easy to aim at the target.


ST200 X
Price: £349 – 8.5°-12.5° (adjustable)
W: golf.mizunoeurope.com

Mizuno say: The new ST200X is ideal for the typical lady golfer that has a mid to lower swing speed. It has an extreme lightweight design to encourage a higher flight and draw-bias designed to work best with our own Japan specification MFUSION shaft. The ST200X head has its own unique shape, additional heel weight and upright lie angle, all working together to encourage a distance-enhancing, high draw flight.

W&G say: This driver oozes quality. It has a simple, classical finish with discreet styling features. I found the performance to be very consistent, producing fast ball speeds with a medium-height launch that particularly suited my natural high-launch style of driving. The draw-bias counter acted my natural fade spin and encouraged a razor-straight ball flight. The swing weight was lovely and light encouraging me to swing with more speed without compromising control. Meanwhile, the feel off the face was solid and mishits were non-existent as it was super forgiving.

Ping driver

G Le 2
Price: £389 – 11.5° (adjustable)
W: ping.com

Ping say: The next generation of golf’s highest-performing women’s driver maximises forgiveness and distance through a higher MOI, faster face and lighter overall system weight. Its lighter titanium head features a rounder, more aerodynamic shape to promote faster clubhead speeds. A thin, forged T9S+ face is optimised for women’s swing speeds to increase flexing for more ball velocity and improved launch conditions. The creased crown stiffens the structure and aids in alignment. Internal heel-biased weighting helps with right-to-left spin for straighter ball flights.

W&G say: I’m always sceptical about how much a driver can improve from generation to generation but in the case of the G Le 2 the improvements are excellent. This driver flew very, very straight, I literally couldn’t miss a fairway, as it was so incredibly stable to swing, which meant my driving distance was also consistent. I absolutely love the plum-coloured head and complementing grip, although the unusual crown ridges do look a bit odd. The feel off the forged face was lovely and it was easy to aim as it sat squarely behind the ball at address.


Price: £449 – 10.5° or 12° (adjustable)
W: taylormadegolf.co.uk

TaylorMade say: Our SIM Max ladies' driver has an asymmetric sole design and powerful new Inertia Generator which combine to optimise aerodynamics and speed at the most critical stage of the swing. The Inertia Generator positions weight at the extreme rear for increased forgiveness and is strategically angled to reduce drag on the downswing. The head has been calibrated and injected to reach the threshold of the maximum legal limit of ball speed. The revolutionary face curvature reduces sidespin and delivers straighter shots on off-centre strikes.

W&G say: I was instantly impressed by the speed that the ball fired off the face of the driver, it really had the ‘wow’ factor. It was easy to adjust and when I added one degree of loft I carried it 10 yards further. The simple, clean crown design with the anti-glare finish is great in bright light. I also like how this driver sits a little open at address as this really helped encourage me to release the club and produce a distance-enhancing draw. The high-quality shaft was lightweight to swing and helped me to increase swing speed but stay in control, this meant my mishits still flew a long way but didn’t go deep into trouble. 

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Price: £349 - 12° (adjustable)
W: yonex.co.uk

Yonex say: Achieving maximised distances with accuracy is a matter of skill and science. The EZONE GS has a Graphite Crown and Power Groove Sole technology that allows the club face to flex inwards at the point of impact, while at the same time lowering the head’s centre of gravity and reducing the head weight by 20%. These technologies combined result in a higher launch, faster ball speed and less side spin for greater distance. Traditional horizontal grooves on the face have been replaced with slanted grooves, which improves accuracy, giving a straighter ball flight.

W&G say: Yonex has invested a great deal in the research and development of this new driver. For the first-time ever it has been co-designed by a team of European and Japanese experts specifically to to cater for our market, and it really shows. The unique vertical polish on the face when first robot tested halved the amount of distance off-line shots flew and I found that it really counteracted sidespin, too. I gained a whopping 10 yards in carry on my drives and my dispersion was much tighter. It’s no surprise that Yonex Ladies European Tour professionals Becky Morgan and Becky Brewerton are using this exact same model. The look is superb and I love the colour. It’s a big thumbs up from me Yonex, this is a superb club.

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