Golf travellers reveal what they tee up and why? A survey of Your Golf Travel clients reveals that golfers are disloyal, have long memories and are touchy-feely when it comes to buying balls!

Your Golf Travel recently quizzed 2,000 of its hardy UK customers on their golf ball needs and wants, throwing up some intriguing behaviours.

The online poll covered purchase preferences, brand appeal, custom fitting and more.

Just 49.16% of those petitioned revealed that they play with the same ball every time they tee it up, with over half saying they were up for grabs depending on a number of factors. Nearly 70% would base their purchase on past experience but apart from happy memories, the weather conditions play a part in more than 40% of ball selections.

Of the brands, only two recorded market share of more than 8%: Srixon, with 29.38% and Titleist with 39.27% of results returned. Playing a championship course, in a competition or on a golf holiday spurred some 47% to plump for a better ball yet it seems that few golfers consider scientific data during the purchasing process: over 81% had never had a golf ball fitting.

Finally, and living up to the reputation of golfers as a gentle breed, feel came out on top with a whopping 75.34% when it came to the most important golf ball characteristic, leaving spin and distance to bring up the rear.